In the European Cup qualifier play-offs four days ago, Norway lost 1-2 against Serbia, regretting to bid farewell to the European Cup finals. Just when people felt sorry for Harland's missed the World Series, the youth striker of the Nordic powerhouse swept away the haze with outstanding performance. In a B-level match of the European Nations League, Norway swept Romania 4-0, Haaland performed a hat-trick, and Erdgau scored twice. Although it is a pity for young talents to miss the European Cup, one thing is certain is that Norwegian football is gradually winning the future.


Harland was born, and the waves came


Let us return the timeline to the summer of 2019. At that time, Erlin Haaland was still a young player of the Austrian team Salzburg Red Bull, with the title of "son of the famous Norwegian old Haaland". The small league works silently. Only a year later, his fame has spread throughout Europe, and people no longer mention his father who left early due to injury, but instead project all their concerns on the record set by the teenager.

让我们将时间表返回到2019年夏季。那时,Erlin Haaland仍是奥地利萨尔斯堡红牛队的年轻球员,被冠以“著名的挪威老哈兰德之子”的头衔。小联盟默默工作。仅仅一年后,他的名气就传遍了整个欧洲,人们不再提及他的父亲因受伤而早早离开,而是将所有的担忧都反映在这位少年的记录上。

In the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League group stage, the Salzburg Red Bull only ranked third in the group with Liverpool and Naples, but this did not hinder Haaland's performance. He scored in the first 4 group matches. With 7 goals, 8 goals were scored in six games, following the fiery Bayern striker Lewandowski. In fact, this is just a microcosm of Harland's highlight performance. In half a season, Harland played 22 times for Red Bull, scored 28 goals, and completed 5 hat tricks.


The 19-year-old genius turned out to be a phenomenal performance that shocked European football, which destined Haaland to enter the five major leagues. Last winter window, he joined the Bundesliga powerhouse Dortmund. He wore a cap within 23 minutes of his first show. In the second game, he scored twice as a substitute and became the first player in the history of the five major leagues to score 5 goals in less than one hour. Players. Such a crazy performance destined Harland to enter the center of the topic, and even the "front wave" Mbappé was ashamed.


In the national team, Haaland is also a new born calf who is not afraid of tigers. At last year's World Youth Championship in Poland, he breathtakingly scored 9 goals in the U20 game against Honduras and was naturally promoted to the adult national team. Although Haaland failed to become a team hero in the European preliminaries, his 6 goals in 3 games in the UEFA Europa League are still amazing enough.


It is worth mentioning that the hat-trick against Romania was the first time that Haaland wore a cap in his national team career. At the age of 20 years and 83 days, he completed this feat at a younger age than Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. In 27 games in 2020, Haaland has scored 27 goals, and the man who revitalized the Vikings seems to have appeared.


Erdgau, who set sail again, is another day for Norwegian football


Football has always been a team sport, and geniuses also need the help of teammates. For the first time in his career in the national team, Haaland wears a cap and shines. Erdgau, who scored twice in assists, is also eye-catching. Harland joked after the game: "The ball for the game can be divided into half for Erdgau."


Although not as sharp as Harland, Erdgau’s talent is also visible to the naked eye. He became the youngest player in the history of the Norwegian League at the age of 15, and the youngest player in the history of the European preliminaries at the age of less than 16. The player, who joined the Bernabéu just at the age of 17, any resume is enough to make a player of the same age become a "lemon spirit".


But sometimes, a high starting point does not necessarily mean smooth sailing. Erdgau’s genius is beyond doubt, but Real Madrid is full of stars, and it is difficult for him to have a foothold in the first team. Even in the days of Real Madrid B team experience, his performance can only be described as quite satisfactory. Therefore, in good times, people praised Erdgau as a "Norwegian Messi", and in adversity, the outside world described him as another typical "injury forever".

但是有时候,高起点并不一定意味着顺风顺水。埃德高(Erdgau)的天才是毋庸置疑的,但是皇马(Real Madrid)满是明星,他很难在一线队中站稳脚跟。即使在皇家马德里B队的经历中,他的表现也只能说是相当令人满意的。因此,在繁荣时期,人们称赞Erdgau为“挪威梅西人”,而在逆境中,外界将他描述为另一种典型的“永远伤害”。

At the beginning of 2017, the 18-year-old Erdgau started his wandering career, from Heerenveen to Wittes, and then to the Royal Sociedad. The well-known Norwegian genius finally proved himself again, in last season’s Copa del Rey 1/4 In the final, Real Sociedad beat Real Madrid, and it was Erdgau who opened the record for the former. After experiencing the cruelty and helplessness of competitive sports, he finally understood that growth will never be smooth.

2017年初,年仅18岁的埃德高(Erdgau)开始了他的流浪生涯,从海伦芬(Heerenveen)到威特(Wittes),再到皇家社会(Royal Sociedad)。挪威著名的天才终于在上赛季的国王杯1/4中再次证明了自己的实力。在决赛中,皇家社会队击败皇家马德里,而埃德高则为前者创造了纪录。在经历了竞技体育的残酷和无助之后,他终于明白了增长永远不会是平稳的。

This season, Erdgau returned to Real Madrid, he wants to set sail again at the Bernabeu, and the high performance of the national team will undoubtedly bring him confidence. Yes, he is just a "junior" under 22 years old. At this age, his career can have unlimited possibilities.


Sleeping Norway awaits awakening


What do you think of when you think of Norwegian football? Perhaps it was the regrettable stop of the group stage in the 1994 World Cup, or the 1998 Romance France's tenacious breakthrough to the top 16. More often than not, people always associate suffering and weakness with Norwegian football, and Swedish and Denmark. Sustained stability is different, except for the few lone heroes such as Manchester United star Scholes and Liverpool old player Riise, it is difficult for a Norwegian player to be famous in the world.


However, now, the descendants of the Viking pirates seem to be waiting for the dawn of the golden age. Harland has already proven his fineness, and Erdgau is welcoming the spring of his career. Young players such as Heyug can also pass A Europa League play-off game was favored by AC Milan. This is not necessarily the most beautiful era of Norwegian football, but it is an era full of hope, and hope has always been a beautiful thing.

但是,现在,海盗海盗的后代似乎正在等待黄金时代的到来。 Harland已经证明了自己的才华,而Erdgau则欢迎他职业生涯的春天。 Heyug等年轻球员也可以通过AC米兰青睐的欧罗巴附加赛。这不一定是挪威足球最美丽的时代,但它是一个充满希望的时代,而希望一直是一件美丽的事情。

Maybe Norwegian football is still sleeping, but it has had glorious moments after all, so if you are a Norwegian fan, please give it some time. When you see Harland and Erdgau youthful, I believe that Norwegian football will one day. Able to return to the top.


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